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Skull and toon (2015)

first video game project at Nad University.

Veronique bellavance liz folio

Liz the Undeath.
Character Design made for Skull & Toon, the first game prototype we had to do at my university.
Liz was the character of a puzzle side-scroller game. She had to throw her head in order to solve puzzles.

Main character turntable.
The character modelisation is made by another student.
I did the texture diffuse/normal/roughness of it.

Veronique bellavance t andrea master

some of the textures for the main character.

Veronique bellavance muerte folio

La Muerte, 2 forms.
La muerte was the helper, wise figure in the game.
She first show herself in the form of granny to the main character (Liz). In the end she reveal her true form and the tale of Liz death.

Skull & Toon promo