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Joust is a game made as part of a university course.
Our team had to choose a vintage game and redo it to our taste.
My job was to make some of the concepts art such has the Knight design, some assets design and the lights in the game.

This project was based on the arcade game Joust released in 1982.

Veronique bellavance joust title port

Joust Remake: Game Footage

Joust Remake: Trailer

Veronique bellavance concept chevalier joust01

Character Concept.
For the characters, I was in charge of the Knight design.

Veronique bellavance concept chevalier concept 02

Knight's face concepts.

Veronique bellavance joust lance chevalier

The Knight lance.

Veronique bellavance logochevalier

Rose Knight emblem.

Veronique bellavance chevalier lys blog

Lily Knight emblem.

Veronique bellavance joust thumbnails decor

Environnement concept.
Thumbnails too guide the level artists.

Veronique bellavance joust light 01

Ambiance of Joust in-game.
Final Light Shot of Joust.

Veronique bellavance texturejoust1

Joust texture.
Some of the texture I made for the game.

Veronique bellavance joust texture batch 2

Joust texture 2.
Some of the specific diffuses I made from the Ambiant Occlusion map of assets made by another classmate .